viernes, 8 de marzo de 2013

Meditation 6

DattatreyaBalkrishna Kalelkar was a faithful follower of Gandhi and a deep and original thinker on his own. Once Gandhiji was answering  his correspondence with the help of his dedicated secretary Mahadev, while Kalelkar was in the midst of a group that was assigning particular responsibilities to one and the other of them in the following days. Someone said, “What shall be entrust Kalelkar with?” Gandhi heard the question and intervened from his corner: “You can give Kalelkar anything… provided it is not easy.” And when Kalelkar told me that anecdote that shaped his life, I say his eyes go wet.
A good matter for our own meditation. Let our agenda not be an easy one. Give me something hard to do, and I’ll show you what I’m capable of. If you give me something easy to do, you are insulting me. I can do more. Trust me and test me. And don’t ever give me something ridiculously easy to do.

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