viernes, 15 de marzo de 2013


Plastic surgery
A very ugly man had already resigned himself more or less to live with his ugliness, when he began to hear reports of the advances made by plastic surgery, and saw the possibility of improving his facial appearance. By then he had also put by a considerable sum of money, and could also afford a long absence from his place, so that after completing the necessary formalities, he went to America, was admitted into a plastic surgery clinic and put himself in the hands of expert surgeons for all the time that would be needed to obtain a satisfying result.
The surgeons were fully successful in their task, and after many and involved operations, the man could exhibit a model face that looked like something straight out of a classical Greek sculpture workshop. The transformation filled him with satisfaction, and he felt eager to go back to his village and show his now beautiful face to all those who had known his ugliness.
There was only a problem, and that was that the trans formation had been so perfect that nobody recognized him, and so he was deprived of the joy of springing upon them the surprise of his newly acquired beauty.
Please, do not change so much that we may not recognize you on your way back from your spiritual retreat. Leave out some little shortcoming, that we may make you out.

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