miércoles, 24 de abril de 2013

Meditation The shower

The shower
                        One of the great pleasures of life has been devalued.  A daily pleasure. And that has impoverished our life. The morning shower is  imposed as an obligation since tender years, rains down cold water for  character training, descends at a fixed time over the sleepy body, fresh from  the caress of the bed-sheets, mixes with soap which irritates our eyes and then  slips from our hands and it has to be searched for blindly throughout the wet  floor, takes place in a hurry under the daily threat of being late for work,  creates a guilt complex in us if we miss it for a single day out of laziness,  and then it stops flowing by itself at the most critical moment…, that is if  one does not slip and falls awkwardly on the hard tiles to make us confess  later in shame before our friends as they kindly ask us about the telling  bruises that we have fallen that morning in the shower. A veritable plot to  deprive us of one of the most delicate and most refined pleasures in human  history from the Mohenjodaro baths to Caracalla’s thermal springs. We have to  preserve the pleasure.
This is the privileged moment in which, in the midst  of our sophisticated civilization we enact the elemental pleasure, the innocent  standing, the naked spontaneity, the conscious anatomy of the human body come  to expression, and experience ourselves without shyness or shame in the open  blessing of nature and life. Blessed moment that heals the day with the  ancestral memory of the ages when humans were one with nature in body and soul.
I carefully measure the  water temperature. Slightly cold to wake up my skin, but gentle in its descent  not to take away my breath. It kissed me on my forehead, it slides down my face  which I keep looking up to welcome its coming, I turn slightly to turn towards  it the curves of my body, and I help it with my hands to embrace my skin and to  penetrate my pores with its beneficent presence. My whole body is now wet and  feels its own unity in its new birth at the beginning of the day.

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