viernes, 31 de octubre de 2014


Hasan Basari, a great saint of Islam, was one day walking with his disciples when he saw a man who apparently was drunk and was faltering in his way. There was a deep pond in the middle and the ground was slippery, so the saint warned the man: “Be careful, brother, since the ground is slippery and the water is deep. If you fall in it you may get drowned.” The man answered him: “And you be careful even more, since if I drown, I drown alone; but if you drown, many more will drown with you.”
This is the responsibility of teachers and preachers. Nobody is saved or condemned alone. The disciples follow their master. A slip causes many slips. The pond is deep and the ground is slippery. That’s always the way in this world. But then there is also joy and consolation. A step in the right direction may lead many more in the right direction. The master avoids the trap, and the disciples after him will also avoid it. Everybody helps everybody else.
The apparently drunk man was not drunk. He only was week, and he knew it. His own weakness led him to seek protection from the danger. Humility is our best defense in life.
The master understood. Nobody fell into the pond.

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