jueves, 4 de diciembre de 2014


An Indian story. There was a holy man who lived in sanctity and penance in the middle of the forest, he fed on the fruits of the trees and on roots in the ground, and he drank from the river near his hut. He wore just a loincloth, with another to change it, and he spent the whole day worshiping God’s majesty and praising his glory.
But there were mice in the forest, and while he was immersed in his prayers they nibbled at the other loincloth, thus spoiling it. Something had to be done.
Devout people from neighbouring villages who came to visit him and to ask for his blessing suggested the remedy. The presence of a cat would make the mice keep their distance. They brought him a cat, and the loincloth was safe.
But now the cat had to be fed. Cats like milk, and so the devotees gave him a cow. But then the cow had to eat also. So they gifted the holy man the adjoining fields for the cow to eat grass. He had only to mind the fields and keep them fertile for the grass to grow. And then, of course, he had to milk the cow for the cat to drink its milk and so to be able to drive the mice away and to protect the loincloth hanged up to dry. The monk did accordingly, yielding to the devotion and the care shown by his devotees.
Everything went on smoothly till the day in which he realized he was not praying any more. His time was spent in the fields and in the care of the cow and the cat. He had no time, and no inclination to do anything else. He had become a landowner. The devout people around ceased to visit him. They said his blessing had no effect any more

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