jueves, 15 de enero de 2015


“I know what you´re going to tell me.” He said that before I could open my mouth. And I didn’t like it. I actually felt like turning round and leaving his room there and then. If he already knows all that is in my mind, what is the point of my saying anything? He is teacher, examiner and judge. Sentence is given. Nothing to be done.
In fact I myself don´t know what I’m going to say. I of course have many things I mind and they’ll come out on their own as we get on talking, but nothing in particular to begin with. It all will depend on the mood and the circumstances and the direction our chat will take as we go on. Let the dialogue take its way. Each encounter is our first encounter, each moment is now. We are new every day and every hour if only we know it and act up to it. Every time we meet is the first time. Never take anybody for granted, leave everyone free to be what he or she wants to be at the moment. Every face is news and every smile is new. Life in the present. Be where you are. Act as you feel. This is the secret of life and of joy. Follow it and be blessed.

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