jueves, 15 de enero de 2015

Psalm 30

I feel happy while I say those words: “You are my God: my fortunes are in your hand.” A sense of relief sweeps over me, a feeling of satisfaction and safety in the midst of a troubled world. “My fortunes are in your hand.” Whatever happens to me, whatever life brings to me, whatever winds blow and waters flow on the fields of my life.., all that is in your loving hands. I need no more.

“My fortunes.” Good fortune, bad fortune: things I like and things I dislike: occasions I look forward to and occasions I fear: pleasure and pain: joy and sorrow. All that is in my life, and all that is in your hand. You know the time, you know the measure, you know my strength and my lack of it, you now my longings and my limitations, my dreams and my realities. All that is in your hand, and you love me and want the best for me. My best fortune is to know that my fortunes are in your hands.
Let that faith grow in me, Lord, and put an end to worry in my life. I surely will continue to work for my “fortunes”, I am too much of an achiever and a compulsive worker to let go of things and lower my efforts: I will continue to work, but with a happy face and a light heart. Because those “fortunes” are in your hand I can look up and smile and sing, because now the burden is light and the yoke is smooth. My effort will still be there, but the result is in your hand, and so out of my own hands and out of my mind. Peace has come to my heart because “You are my God, and my fortunes are in your hand.”

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