jueves, 5 de febrero de 2015


The old man’s face is the history of his life. Printed autobiography. His wrinkles can be read like the lines of a book. Encyclopedia of sorrow and joy. What is our history telling us?
There are complaints written in our brow, in our tension, in our paleness; but then there is also joy and happiness in the softness of our lips, in our smile, in a kiss. There is peace and reconciliation with a long life lived in all its intensity and its depth. Human life is the greatest treasure on earth. There are memories of love and tenderness, of family and friends, of good days and bad days, and all that is now accepted as experience, as reality, as history. Reflection of a whole life and a long existence. Permanent exhibition of past years and months and hours. Standing life museum. If we know how to look at an old man, how to read his life on the lines of his face, we’ll learn the fundamental lessons for our own life, and every generation will train the next one in the practice of life.
Think now how you want your face to be when you reach old age. Shape it from now on so that it may reflect peace and satisfaction and love. That is your best treasure, and that will be your best heritage. Keep good care of it.

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