lunes, 25 de mayo de 2015

I tell you

Civilized people
An English cinema actor was in Kenya for the shooting of a picture. One day he had to go for a formal dinner which ended very late at night. He went to his car where he found his driver asleep. He was a native of the land. He addressed him, shouted his name, shook him, but the driver would not wake up. The man got a shock when he realized the driver was dead. Some snake or some deadly mosquito had bitten him and its poison had ended with his life. He had to call for a doctor to certify his death, and one was woken up and came reluctantly to examine the dead man. He did so, then stood up and remonstrated with anger: “Why do you call me at midnight to examine a sleeping man?” The Englishman retorted: “But he has no breath, no pulse, no movement…”. The doctor explained: “He is only asleep… just as we native people sleep calmly and deeply. You are ‘civilized’ and need sleeping pills in order to get some sleep. And then another thing. If you are in a hurry to go, get another driver. This man will wake up only when his body tells him.”
Who is the civilized one?
Just one coin
A young man went to a chemist who showed him his wares as he explained to him the many medicines and poisons to heal and to kill people. Some were worth even a million gold coins. The young man smiled and said he didn’t have that kind of money, and in any case he was only interested in a pill that would make a girl fall in love with him. The chemist understood: “Of course, if you had a million gold coins you wouldn’t need such a pill. But in any case I can give you the pill, and it is absolutely guaranteed to be efficient with just one dose to make her fall once and for all in everlasting love of you.” – “And how much will that pill cost me?” – “Only one coin.” – “That’s fine, but then, please tell me if you don’t mind, how can you make business that way?” – “Very simple. And let this be a warning to you, young man, though I know you will not heed it. The person who comes for the first pill, sooner or later comes always for the second.” Upon which, of course, the young man goes and buys the pill.

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