miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2015

Meditation May

I tell you
A few wisdom stories for entertainment… and for enlightening.
The pilgrim comes back from his pilgrimage to the Buddha’s sanctuary and is now telling all his experiences to people around. The wise man listens to him and tells him: “Your back must be very strong.” – “Why?” – Because I see you still are carrying the Buddha on your shoulders.”
The disciple asks the master: “What is the illumination?” The master answers: “You will know that when you reach inner liberation.” He then goes and asks another master: “What is inner liberation?” And he answers: “You will know that when you reach illumination.” The two masters had already fixed the answers, of course.
Question to the first master: “Where am I to search for illumination?” Answer: “In the North… or in the South.” Question to the second master: “Where am I to search for illumination?” Answer: “In the East… or in the West.” These too had fixed the answers beforehand.
Question: What is the first lesson in illumination? – Answer: XYZ. – And the last? – ABC
The sacred tortoise appears only once every 500 years. The master, who always tell the truth, says he has seen it four times.
After a long search the pilgrim reaches the presence of the Goddess of Truth. She is an ugly old woman without teeth. The pilgrim salutes her, asks her all the questions he was planning to ask, and the Goddess gives always true and exact answers. At the end he asks: “What message do you want me to convey to all men from your own lips?” The Goddess of truth answers with a smile from her toothless mouth: “Tell them I am young and beautiful.”
The gods gave to men an image of the Goddess of Truth in porcelain. But it fell to the floor and now each man possesses only a small bit of it. But each one believes he possesses the whole.

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