lunes, 22 de junio de 2015

I tell you

I tell you
An Oriental thought: The deer’s wisdom. An example for us to tread our way through life. The deer is agile, light, innocent. It wanders about in the jungle, and so long as the lion’s roar is not heard it runs and it jumps and it eats and it rests without a care on its mind. When the roar is heard and danger threatens, it takes notice and rushes forward far from any harm. If any pain hurts him, it knows plants and roots and leaves that work as medicines and lighten all pain. No worry what to eat or drink. The day looks after itself. Nature is generous. The market is open and the food is free. Daily supplies for daily needs. Why to hoard when each day takes care of its own needs?
It is not so easy for us. We are higher and we need more. But then we are also sophisticated and we elaborate our simple needs into complicated processes. These are necessary, but even there we have degrees and we have excesses and we have the true measure to see and to follow. It is for us to choose. And it is for us to believe in life, in ourselves, and in divine providence, to enjoy what we have and to give life a chance. This is the deer’s wisdom.

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